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We won various prize as confectionary of Shirahama in Wakayama from 1933, the company was established.
Our original Kagerou(butter cream sand with very soft cakes), Yuzu-Monaka are fond of souvenir of Shirahama and Wakayama. And Hamayu, series of Kawazoe Tea and Kami-Mochi, these are using material of Wakayama are famous.



Special softly cake with cream of gentle sweetness, melting in mouth in an instant…It’s so nice harmony.
At Kuroshio National Athletic Meet in 1971, we presented for Showa Emperor and Empress on behalf of Wakayama confectionary.
It’s best souvenirs and some gifts in Wakayama.


A traditional Japanese confectionary with Yuzu flavor. Made of white bean paste with Yuzu filling sandwiched between two thin rice crisp wafers made from rice powder. Yuzu is the kind of citrus fruit.
The long-established store FUKUBISHI continues making Yuzu-Monaka by traditional technique since 1933. So it’s taste that can not be imitated.



Hamayu is a town flower of Shirahama. It’s named from this flower.
Made of red bean paste by wrapping Gyuhi(a kind of rice cake made from glutinous rice) sandwiched between two thin rice crisp wafers made from rice powder.
Please do try scorch surface by toaster or frying pan, it will make more delicious.

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Seaside Terrace
"Kagerou Café"
We are waiting for your coming when you visit Shirahama of Wakayama.

You can eat "Nama-Kagerou" and various cakes in café. We have light meal, Cutlet (deep-fried pork) sandwich, Bolognese Spaghetti, and soft and creamy Egg sandwich. From 8:00 to 10:30 is breakfast time. We serve about fifth various types drinks and original coffee in hand drip.
You can relax at a café and it’s very comfortable place. There is a staff who can speak English, please feel free to ask. Also we have English menu. You can buy souvenir at here.
We are looking forward to your coming.


  • Nama-Kagerou (Fresh cream Kagerou)
    Seasonal Nama-Kagerou
    Various Cakes
    Cutlet (deep-fried pork) Sandwich ※10:30~17:00
    Egg Sandwich ※10:30~17:00
    Bolognese Spaghetti ※10:30~17:00
  • Coffee (H/I)
    Organic Coffee (H/I)
    Decaffeinated Coffee (H/I)
    Café latte (H/I)
    Vinegar Drink
    Smoothie (Black Sesame・Tea・Green Tea)
    ¥700 each
    Kishu Ume Soda
    Camu Camu Soda
    Raspberry Cream Soda
    Soymilk Mixed Juice
    Apple Juice

※apart extract
all price is tax include


Kagerou café / Shop